The play of nature created the Logar valley deep in the heart of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and surrounded it with over 2,000m-high peaks (among them: Krofička, Ojstrica, Planjava, Brana, Turska gora, Rinke). Today’s picturesque appearance of the Logar valley was created by a glacier in the last Ice Age.

The length of the valley is 7km, and the average width is 250m. It is divided into three parts. Log and Plest are characterised by grassy oases, while Kot is mostly overgrown with forest. The murmur of the magnificent Rinka waterfall can be heard behind the green scenery of the forest.

Nature lovers are attracted to the Logar valley due to its unspoilt environment and numerous natural attractions. Farms that have created a cultural landscape over the centuries have also left their mark on the area. The coexistence between man and nature is a value that is rarely found today.

Due to the aforementioned values, the Logar valley was declared a landscape park in 1987. The park covers the entire valley to the ridges of the mountains, covering a total of 203km2. It builds its image on sustainable development and the quality of its tourist facilities. Due to its beautiful location, the Logar valley makes an excellent base for numerous scenic hikes among the peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


  • 8.00 departure
  • 9.30 arriving Logar cvaley, coffy break at Farm house Ojstrica in the middle of the valey
  • 10.00 departure to waterfall Rinka – 90 m high waterfall with source of Savinja river above him.
  • 10.30 – 12.30 hike near waterfall to mountain hut Okrešelj on the patau where many of hiking and climbing tzrails starts. Possible ascent to Planjava, Brana, Turska gora, Rinke, Mrzla gora – all above 2.000 m high.
  • 13.30 descent to valey for lunch in Farm house Ojstrica.
  • 16.30 departure

Price: 95 EUR/person (min 4 persons)

Price includes:

  • transfer,
  • entrance fee in landscape park,
  • coffe,
  • lunch,
  • accompaniment

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