Lake Bohinj is 4.2 km (2.6 mi) long and 1 km (0.62 mi) at its maximum width.45m. It is a glacial lake dammed by a moraine. The largest of the streams that flow into the lake, the Savica (‘little Sava’), is fed from Črno jezero (Black Lake), the lowest-lying lake in the Triglav Lakes Valley. The outflow at the eastern end is the Jezernica creek which merges with the Mostnica to form the Sava Bohinjka, which in turn becomes the larger Sava River at the confluence with the Sava Dolinka. As found out already by Belsazar Hacquet in the 18th century, much more water leaves Lake Bohinj than enters it, which is explained with subterranean sources of water.

The clear waters are the habitat of brown trout, burbot, European chub, common minnow and Arctic char, eight genera of molluscs, as well as of numerous algae species. It is a popular day trippers’ destination for swimming and other water sports. On the shore is a statue of the legendary Goldhorn (Zlatorog) chamois, whose story was perpetuated by the poet Rudolf Baumbach.


  • 8.00 departure
  • 9.00 coffe break in Stara Fužina village
  • 9.30 walking above  gorge Mostnica with great views to clear water , by mountain hut  to valey Voje.
  • 12.30 arrive to waterfall Voje at the end of valey
  • 13.00 walking back along forest road to Stara Fužina
  • 14.30 lunch at Triglav restaurant in Stara Fužina near lake
  • 16.00 free time, possible swimming in the lake
  • 18.00 departure

Price: 110 EUR/person (min 4 persons)

Price includes:

  • transfer
  • entrance fee Mostnica,
  • lunch,
  • coffe,
  • accompaniment

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