The Brda wine-growing area lies on the border with Italy between Nova Gorica, the Soča Valley and the Friuli lowlands.

Over the centuries, the cultural heritage visible in Brda has intertwined: from the cultivated landscape, the characteristic architecture of villages and castles, to the many ethnological attractions of Brice, customs and habits and characteristic speech. The stamp of the past has left its mark.

The hills are mostly cultivated with vineyards and orchards, and the nature researcher will discover many interesting things about the geological, climatic, botanical and other peculiarities of the teak-cut nature.

Villages are dotted all over the Brda hills, some crammed like bird’s nests, others spread out on the ridges, all surrounded by greenery of vineyards and orchards, between which winding roads, paths and trails.


  • 8.00 departure
  • 9.30 arrival in the village of Smartno, coffee break at the Hotel San Martin
  • 10.00 transfer almost to the top of Sabotin mountain
  • 10.30 walk along a circle 1okm long trail,past the hunting lodge, to the top of Sabotin with extraordinary views of the Friuli lowlands, the Soča valley below Sabotin and the Krn and Kanin mountains. We will see many interesting flowers during walk.
  • 13.00 stop at the mountain lodge on top of Sabotin and then transfer back.
  • 13.30 lunch at the Hotel San Martin
  • 14.30 visit to the old village of Šmartno, which was renovated years ago but has a small population
  • 15.30 transfer to the wine cellar Dobrovo and tour around 18.00 return

Price: 120 EUR/person (min 4 persons)

Price includes:

  • transport,
  • coffee,
  • lunch,
  • entrance fee to the wine cellar Dobrovo,
  • accompaniment

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